Who is Jesus Christ for you?

In his life time, people around Jesus Christ have different
perception about him. Some are looking for him because they want Jesus to heal
them from their physical illness, others are looking for him because they want
free food and his miracle.

The Pharisees are looking for him to be arrested and
destroyed. His disciples are around him because they want to be important
officer when Jesus is become King in this world.

So many people have different perception about Jesus. However,
what God wants Jesus Christ to be for each and every human is to be their savior
who frees them from the power of sin. Every soul that has been freed from sin
will then worship Jesus and will give their life to serve God’s plan.

In to day’s Christian life, the old rule still around that
is everyone has been following Jesus for their own purposes due to their own
perception about Jesus. And some will oppose to Jesus and his disciples because
they do not know who Jesus really is. There are also some others who use Jesus
name to gain their own fame.

Jesus the Son of God, what does he really means for you? If you
still have your own way of thinking about him, be ready to be disappointed and
confronted by God himself.

This has happened to Saul who was once has his own wrong
perception about Jesus and his disciples. He thought that he did the right
thing until Jesus himself confronted him and reveals himself to Saul. This was
then changes Saul direction from opposing and oppressing Jesus’ disciples to become
the follower of Christ.

If you don’t know who Jesus really is, it’s better to
find out who he really is. To know him personally and correctly will be the
biggest gain in your life.

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