Three Wonderful Expression that Some People find it difficult to Say it loud

Can you guess what are those three Wonderful Expression?
Well, if you do not have any idea of what are they, that’s fine.
Those three wonderful expressions are:
1. Thank You
2. I love you
3. I’m sorry
How many times in a day for us will say thank you to express our gratitude to our Creator or to others compare to how many times we are complaining.
How many times in a day for us will say I love you to the love ones compare to how often we are complaining.
How often for us to say I’m sorry when we wrong someone, in stead of being busy to blame it to others.
What kind of effect would then result in our life when those three wonderful expression not to be told. Well, we know in our daily life then we will not get a wonderful and blessed day. Why?
Because those three wonderful expressions have a magical positive effect to others that in the end will affect us.
As we express our gratitude by saying thank you then we will make others feel appreciated in the end he or she will feel happy and their happiness you will be able to feel and you will get a double effect on their happiness that will make your day bright and blessed.
As we say I love you from our sincere heart then we have make the one that we love feels appreciated and loved and in the end they will love us more and this will make you feel that you are the luckiest person in the world since you can find love in this troubled world.
As we take the courage and initiative to be the one who say I’m sorry regardless of who start the conflict first. Since in all conflict none is right and none is to be blame, what we need is to be more patience to others. When we do this then you will in the end find that all people in this whole world are your friends and you find no enemy. Then you will find that this world is a wonderful place.
So, as we know how our life will be blessed by saying more often of those three wonderful expressions, will you not be more generous to say more of those three wonderful expressions to others.
Have a blessed day… God loves you and bless you all…

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